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Aug 10, 2009 11:00pm EDT
here. >> i receive treatments and it's really america like to be in a place where you can come and cool off. >> reporter: how about cooling with a tropical flavor at a tropical ice cream and eatery in silver spring. as the weather heats up, so does business. >> a steady flow of customers coming in all day. >> reporter: ice cream and a swimming pool. that's the prescription. >> reporter: down on the mall, the ever-present joggers weren't so present until sunset. and back at the cooling center, time for fond memories of how folks kept cool in the days before ac. >> we just go up on the old trees. >> reporter: well, it's a big difference again now, thanks to these storms that have moved through but the temperatures are expected to climb again tomorrow. let's see if they are as hot as it was today. live in the mall. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, derrick. >>> a tattoo parlor is closed tonight after aeadly shooting. police say a woman shot her husband about 6:00 inside lake widty jones tattoo and body art in southeast d.c. that's near the potomac avenue stop. we're told the coupl
Aug 12, 2009 11:00pm EDT
south america. the pass is on sale now through august 21st. it will be valid for travel between september 8th and october 8th. >>> a new natural sweetener hitting store shelves. sugar substitute is called truvia. some say it is sweeter than sugar and has no calories. but there may also be downsides. truvia from an extract of the stevia blant b stevia, plant, 250 times sweeter than sugar. >> it is the hottest new sweetener coming out. and everyone is very excited about it. because it is all-natural. and it comes from a plant. you can actually find this plant at your local farmer's markets. >> but there could be a downside. some studies have raised concerns about the use of the sweetener and impaired kidney function, fertility and blod pressure. the company says its researc refutes those findings. >>> group of hotel workers from our area won a powerball lottery prize. a pool of 27 employees at washington hilton played powerball last week. turns out they matched all but one number and won $10,000. after taxes that is a cool $2595 piece. when the woman who organized the pool told he
Aug 6, 2009 11:00pm EDT
calling today a wonderful day for america. sotomayor will be sworn in saturday on live tv. another first for the supreme court. >>> congress hit the accelerator on the cash for clunkers program. the senate joined the house, approving an additional $2 billion for nding. that bill now awaits president obama's signature. the rebate program's initial $1 billion had expired and only ten days. and officials expect new funding will last through labor day. >>> the race to become virginia's next governor. turning to our area. democrat hoping his party's biggest star can give him the run for governor a boost. prident obama, attended a rally and fund raiser for him tonight in tyson's corner. while republican bob mcdonald opened a sccampaign office in alexandra. derek? >> if you closed your eyes and listened. almost seemed like a presidential campaign rally. all about the race for the virginia governor seat and for democrats nationwide and republicans there is a lot riding on this race. polls show him trailing his republican opponent, bob mcdonald. in a rally and fund raiser at the hilton in t
Aug 26, 2009 11:00pm EDT
guardian. for america, he was the defender of a dream. >> ted kennedy was in fact the last surviving son of a political legacy, a legend in american politics. and a man some call one of the great senators of our time. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm windy rieger in for doreen. the nation mourns the death of senator kennedy. michelle franzen starts us off. >> reporter: a lone spotlight illuminated by a hazard ship in hyannisport, a beacon of hope off the shore of the kennedy family compound. inside family and friends including senator john kerry gather to mourn and reflect on the great life lost. >> there is a very beautiful and personal, private, vigil taking place. it's very spiritual and -- about as -- beautiful as it could be. i think it is everything that senator ken tnedy would have wanted. private and public tributes. kennedy would have loved. [ "taps" plays ] at at fenway park, taps played in his honor. and flags flew at half staff, near his home to capitol hill. >> the liberal lion's mighty roar. i'll always remember. may now fall silent. his dreams shall never die. >> th
Aug 16, 2009 11:00pm EDT
country. america john yettaw flew to bangkok with webb today. >> he's not a well man. he had a medical incident this morning when they read him his orders of deportation. he's now undergoing a thorough medical review here in a hospital. soon he will be able to return to his family. >> while in myanmar, webb also met with suu kyi, fighting for democracy in her country. suu ni swarings the end of her house arrest but will now have to serve an additional 18 months as a result of yettaw's stay. >>> back here tonight, district police continue looking for the person or people who shot seven people at a bus stop yesterday. it happened in the minnesota avenue metro station in northeast. investigators say at least one gunman walked up and opened fire on a huge crowd at the bus shelter. many of the people had just come from a go-go party a couple of blocks away. a nonviolent advocate wept to the neighborhood today to see if he could be of any help. >> as i did that, some guys pulled right up, right then and there, and, you know, pointed a gun at me and clicked it. but it didn't go off. so right
Aug 29, 2009 11:00pm EDT
wanted a front row seat to history. >> the kennedy family are like the family of america. i figure since i here, i might as well check it out. >> onlookers gathered for a last glimpse. meanwhile at the capitol where he served more than 47 years, many of kennedy's current and former staffers stood on the senate steps for two hours and when theion arrived, they all roared. >> well, i've seen a lot of processions and a lot of ceremonies in this town since i've been here. i've never seen anything like this. >> lester highman ran the massachusetts democratic party in the late 60s. he's one of many of kennedy's former staffer who's became successful. melly miller worked for the late senator longer than just about anyone else. >> i was with him for 37 years. >> 37 years. >> who would want to leave? he was at all of our weddings, at our funerals, bedsides. the loyalty was a two-way street. that's why you have the entire steps filled with his former staff. >> the thousands of it others here seemed to agree as they waived flags, sang songs and wiped away tears, all seemed to have something i
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6